Jessica joined the Missouri Immunization Coalition as a Public Health Educator in 2022. Jessica has worked in public health for many years, focusing on domestic and sexual violence, Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), and the homeless community. Most recently, Jessica worked as a COVID-19 Disease Investigator. Jessica feels that working as a Public Health Educator with Missouri Immunization Coalition dovetails nicely with her recent work with COVID-19.  

Public health is designed to help people within their communities and meet them where they are in their lives. I have always worked with marginalized populations who struggle to find continuity of care, thus leading them to have gaps in their basic healthcare. Working for Missouri Immunization Coalition means reaching out to those communities with the resources to help them stay healthy and remove one of the hurdles they encounter when attempting to receive preventative care.”  

Jessica has an undergraduate degree in Sociology and Literature and a master’s degree in Criminal Justice. Jessica is deeply invested in the intersectionality of the marginalized communities she has served and feels this will be an asset while working as an educator for the Missouri Immunization Coalition.