Monthly Infection Control and Prevention Webinar Series

2nd Thursday of each month from 12-1 p.m., June 2021 through December 2022

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June 10 – Inaugural Webinar: Vaccines are Safe – How we know!

Lynelle Phillips, MPH, RN, Assistant Teaching Professor, Department of Public Health, School of Health Professions, Extension Service Nurse Specialist, University of Missouri, Columbia

  • General rules of vaccines
  • FDA approval process and Emergency Use Authorization Use (EUA) process
  • How were we able to get a vaccine to market in such a short time and still cut no corners?
  • Compare the different vaccines – safety and efficacy
  • Is the lesser protection by J&J significant enough to be important? J&J Case Study.

July 8 – How do COVID vaccines affect immunity to COVID?

Taylor Nelson, DO, Infectious Disease, Internal Medicine, University of Missouri Health Care, Columbia. Board Certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine/Infectious Disease

  • Natural immunity vs vaccine-induced immunity – which is best?
  • How long does the vaccine protect me?
  • What is Herd immunity and is it reasonable to expect we will ever achieve it?
  • If I’ve had COVID, why get vaccinated?
  • To boost or not to boost?
  • I’m young, isn’t it less risky to take chance with COVID than the vaccine?

August 10—Environmental Health: Air Purification and Quality

Loie Couch, RN, BS, CIC, FAPIC, Infection Prevention Specialist, Barnes Jewish Christian (BJC) Hospital, St. Louis

  • Functions of a ventilation system
  • Benefits and limitations of bi-polar ionization
  • Minimum filtration requirements
  • Apply filtration flexibility on a space-by-space approach
  • Appropriate use of UV light disinfection and accompanying hazards
  • Visible light disinfection and its appropriate use and considerations

Tentative Schedule for Remainder of 2021

September 9: No webinar – Attend the MPHA Conference, Sept. 21-23, 2021 in Columbia, MO!

October 14: Messaging – Different Strokes for Different Folks

November 11: Pandemic Fatigue – Kevin Cloninger, PhD, Executive Director at Anthropedia Foundation and Director of Well-Being Coaching, St Louis

December 9: Long-haul COVID-19 patients, Post COVID Syndrome

NOTE: Topics may change due to the pace and volume of new knowledge regarding COVID-19 and the need to inform providers regarding best practices. Topics for 2022 will be announced closer to that time.

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Immunization Webinar Series
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The purpose of this series of 5 webinars is to update the knowledge base regarding immunization practices and vaccine recommendations based on national guidelines and the latest evidence to guide practice.
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Session 1 On-Demand – Vaccine Safety and Errors
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