The Missouri Immunization Coalition exists to reduce the spread of vaccine-preventable diseases through immunization education, advocacy, promotion, and statewide collaborative partnerships.

Who We Are

The Missouri Immunization Coalition, Inc. is a new statewide nonprofit organization that was incorporated in January 2020. The Missouri Immunization Coalition (MIC) is an advocate for Missouri families, healthcare providers, and local and state health departments striving to increase vaccination rates in Missouri.

It is Missouri’s only statewide, independent organization committed to keeping Missourians healthy through immunizations by elevating the essential role vaccinations play in reducing the spread of vaccine-preventable diseases and promoting health for all Missourians. The MIC is dedicated to keeping Missouri healthy by building awareness for vaccines, educating healthcare providers, and advocating for policies that protect all Missourians with the goal of increasing vaccination rates throughout the state.

What We Do

Coalition Building

The MIC’s coalition building strategies leverage the collective voice of Missouri’s diverse population on immunization priorities, policies, awareness, and resources in support of promoting vaccinations and the health of our communities.

Community Outreach and Awareness

The Missouri Immunization Coalition’s community outreach efforts build awareness for parents about the safety and importance of immunizations. We also provide immunization education and information with healthcare providers.

Public Policy

The Missouri Immunization Coalition brings together a diverse group of healthcare professionals, public health professionals, business leaders, parents, and community members to inform public policy.

Provider Education

Strengthening immunization knowledge for Missouri’s physicians, mid-level providers, nurses, pharmacists, and public health professionals enables Missouri’s healthcare professionals to:

  • Make strong provider vaccination recommendations
  • Adhere to proper vaccination safety protocol
  • Provide information to patients on the importance of vaccinations
  • Address vaccine hesitancy by discussing vaccine benefits
  • Remain up-to-date on the latest immunization recommendations

Become a Member

Membership in the Coalition is free and open to physicians, nurses, pharmacists, public health professionals, business leaders, policymakers, and community organizations working to promote immunizations, prevent disease, and protect Missourians through immunization education, advocacy, promotion, and statewide collaborative partnerships.